Building & Zoning Department

The City of Ashville adopted a zoning ordinance in 2000.  While a lot of homes are grandfathered in, once you change something (i.e. pull out an old mobile home, your current home is destroyed, etc.) you must adhere to the zoning ordinance and current regulations.  If you are considering building, purchasing a new home, etc., please contact City Hall for assistance in order to comply with zoning regulations.  The ordinance is available for view at City Hall and the most recent amendments are available online under our City Ordinances section of the this webpage.

If you are purchasing a new mobile home, you must purchase a mobile home permit thru City Hall.  The permit is available below and the fee is $150.00.

Application for Mobile Home Permit.pdf

If you are constructing a new building or home, you must purchase a building permit thru City Hall.  The fee varies based on living space and heated/non-heated space.  See application below for calculation.

Building Permit Application.pdf

Randy Thompson - Building & Zoning Coordinator

Zoning Board of Adjustments

Anita Teague 

Lisa Swindall 

Karen Smith

Shirley Smith

Eloise Williams

Bobby Cook - Supernumerary

Planning Commission

Derrick Mostella, Mayor

Sue Price, Councilmember

Randy Thompson, Building Inspector

Casey Asher

Andrew Meeks

Sheryl Herren

Merrel Smith

Jennifer Spears

Fred Williams