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Grace & Truth Fellowship
33015 US Hwy 231
Ashville, AL 35953
Bethany Baptist Church
4086 Shoal Creek Rd
Ashville, AL 35953
Rev. Billy Wakefield (205) 594-7865
First Baptist Church Ashville
85 5th Ave.
Ashville, AL 35953
Dr. Jay Stewart, Pastor (205) 594-7933
Greensport Baptist Church
8915 Shoal Creek Road
Ashville, AL 35953
Jeremy Williams 205-594-7355
Mt. Zion Missionary Baptist Church, Inc
PO Box 731
Ashville, AL 35953
Rev. Gary W Rovinson, Sr. 205-594-7639
Church of Christ
Ashville Church of Christ
1401 Ashville Road
Leeds, AL 35094
Drew Kizer (205) 699-2447
Ashville United Methodist Church
292 Seventh Avenue
Ashville, AL 35953
Rev. Sammy Hodges 205-594-5495
Flow of the Spirit
90 Sheffield Drive
Ashville, AL 35953
Pastor Shane Bearden (205) 594-4888